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'You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.'

-Christopher Columbus

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Free! Episode 5 preview.

Makoto took the sidelines very much in the latest episode, but from the preview of the next one, I think we’re in for a lot more development and revelations of his character—specifically focused on his apparent fear of water (or perhaps more accurately, the sea). 

The title of the next ep. may on the surface, and in the eyes of the cast, refer to a trial to test Rei’s aptitude in his newly acquired butterfly stroke—but from the looks of Makoto’s expression as he gazes out to sea (thoughtful, perhaps concerned), I think it’s going to be just as much a trial for him as well. Methinks he is not looking forward to the expedition, or rather that it might drag on into the evening/night. 

Gonna refer you to this awesome essay here by makeupsyndrome. 

The fact that Makoto himself mentioned that the backstroke—his signature stroke—is one used often by those afraid of the water can’t be a coincidence, especially preceding an episode in which a far larger, far more unpredictable and dangerous body of water will be involved, most likely outside of Makoto’s comfort zone and will test just how much he has managed to control—if at all—his childhood fear. 

And now I direct you to three more awesome essays (again by makeupsyndrome) on this subject (which I think will take at least some, if not much, of the spotlight next episode):

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I can literally FEEL the angst coming!!